How to order your Fine Art done your way

Original Art: Solution to the problem

All decorator finishes his design your space as planned
but always end up choosing a “reproduction” of a famous
painting or hangs out a picture on the wall that does not approach the 100% of his expectations. Well … This is not going to happen any more if you request us to produce your very own original and unique work of art, viagra executed by professional artists according to the size, prescription style and colors you need. But also, health this artwork also fits your budget.

Order your own Artwork

3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Choose from our Gallery, the style you want.

Indicate the “art Name in Reference” wich contains
the style you are in need. This way the artist may approach
exactly the style of picture you want.

Step 2: Choose the frame size required for your decorating project.
See table on the form attached below in your order.
If you have a different measures that are not showed
please provide your measurements in Inches or Cmts.

Step 3: Enter your chosen dominant color
You can choose up to 2 secondary colors to include
in your artwork. Everyone else left to free artist’s choice.

Finish filling out the information on your order form
and click SEND.

Within 24 hours you will receive an estimate of your artwork
including the value of sending his work properly
packed and secured, as well as the link to the
payment via PayPal.


After making your payment, you may contact the artist
by telephone or Skype, and additional comments before starting
your work which will be sent within 10 working days to
the country, city and destination address indicated in your order.

English and Spanish Spoken.

Policy refund: NO EXCUSES.

When you receive the job if you are dissatisfied for any reason,
you will have the refund money without questions, except the value of postage shipping and insurance.

Proceed with confidence to the first step now!