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The work of Aldo Hollmann (Sincelejo 1964), 
Morroa - Montes de María, is a pictorial work framed withinabstraction, where the artist collects the color of the landscape that is reflected in the small lakes and streams that cross this subregion located in the Montes de María in the Department of Sucre, combined with the color of the localhandicrafts of hammocks and other textile products. Hollmann takes from the environment, the richness of the colors that are interwoven as plots and warps of great contrast, bathed in abundant light, like hammocks that flutter in the wind on a sunny afternoon. The brightness of the light, they rest on the canvas like bodies of water, that burst between the chromatic harmony to give way to small pauses, that allow us the delight of the forms achieved through stains and pictorial gestures of great expression, alluding to the geographical beauty of this region of beautiful fertile land.


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